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Birthing Kits

Birthing kits (Plastic –36″ x 36″, Soap, Gloves, 2 per kit, 3 pieces of umbilical cord tie, scalpel/razor blades, gauze- 5 small squares) that are distributed by Aid Africa quarterly

Zonta Club of Riverside Impacts Childbirth Survival Rates

 Zonta Club of Riverside has begun an International Service project assembling birthing kits, a project conceptualized by an Australian Zonta group. The kits were designed specifically to advance sanitary conditions for mothers during childbirth in developing countries. 

The birthing kits facilitate hygiene and are effective in preventing the most common causes of childbirth infections. The kits contents include items for the birth itself (e.g. plastic sheeting, soap & disposable gloves), for the baby (clamps and a blade to cut to the umbilical cord) and to reduce common post-natal infections (e.g. gauze to clean the baby’s eyes).

The birthing kits are distributed by project organizers with the help of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in developing countries. Local women trained as birthing attendants use the kits to provide substantially better hygienic conditions and lower the risk of infections.).

“Every 90 seconds, a woman dies of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth” - the total figure is estimated to be 385,000 deaths of women annually in childbirth, many from infections. (if this is a direct quote, you need to credit the source)   Local Zontians realized a great need to improve cleanliness in the birthing environment and hope to reduce the number of complications by furnishing the birthing kits. 

On January 4, 2014, members of the Zonta club of Riverside met to put together the kits which contain six basic items: plastic sheeting, soap, gloves, a sterile blade, umbilical tying cords and gauze squares.   The completed kit fits into a sealed, sterile Ziploc bag for transport to the developing nations.

In March 2015 African Aid took 100 kits to Uganda and disturbed them to expectant mother. In June 2015 African Aid took 50 more birthing kits to Uganda.

 The Zonta club of Riverside wishes to continue this important project on a bi-monthly basis. If you would like to make a donation or help, please contact Debbie (951) 201-8702 for further information.


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